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I offer a variety of services to cater to your specific financial needs. I prioritize education on every step of the journey to financial freedom, and I curate a plan with your needs, lifestyle, and goals in mind. 

Not sure which service is best suited for you? No problem! Each service includes a free 20-minute consultation.

Ballin' on a Budget

This program teaches you how to become the master of your finances by simplifying the budgeting process, defining your financial goals, creating a tangible plan of action, and keeping you accountable along the way. 

Credit Confidence

This credit card literacy and consulting service works best for people looking to establish credit or open a new credit card. Through this service, you will have an understanding of credit, tips for effective usage, and guidance on choosing the right credit card.

Saving Savvy

This monthly savings program works best for individuals that have an effective budget in place, but would like assistance in managing and reaching their savings goals (typically larger life events and purchases).

Credit Score
Come-Up Program

This service aims to answer your questions about credit and credit scores, analyzing your current credit portfolio and determining a plan of action to help you pay off debt.

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